larabio new


– Photographer –

I like to photograph stuff. It’s my raison d’être.

I prefer it though, if what I’m taking photos of is something alive. Even better, if it’s people – people and their stories. That’s when I am in my element.
Um well, I guess if I expect you to allow me to tell your story, I should tell you a little about mine.
I moved to Melbourne, Australia as a little 2 year old. I’m still little. Discovered The Beatles. Discovered photography, art, music, dance. My first SLR camera belonged to my Grandfather and was given to me by my mother. She must have been onto something!

I learnt how to shoot the best way. On film, by trial and error, fully manual, knee-deep in darkroom chemicals.

Fell in love with moving image, spent my later high school years bugging my teachers to buy an edit suite (digital video) for the school. I finally wore them down! Taught myself how to use it, taught the teacher how to use it and then, the students. Decided I had to be a video editor.

So I Studied Screen, Video Production at RMIT. Learnt how to tell a story. Fell in love with lighting (the beginning of a never-ending love affair). Graduated on a high. Worked as a video editor. Discovered the truth that is Ella Fitzgerald.

When I bought my very first DSLR camera my world changed: I. Could. Not. Put. It. Down.

I discovered that you can tell stories with still images as well. It’s sheer magic to me.

Career-wise video-editing shifted into photography. And here we are.