There’s nothing like seeing photographs in print. The texture and depth of the colours is something that a computer screen just can not give you.

It’s a beautiful way of telling your stories and something that I encourage all my clients to consider. Being able to sit down, turn each page and relive your wedding day, while holding something you can feel and touch, is just magic. Let it grow old with you and age gracefully, show it off with pride and let it be an heirloom that will last for generations.
An album holds the story of your day that’s been beautifully designed and fussed over until its perfect.

Your album will be protected in a handmade leather wrap (fabric option is available for those wanting to stay away from leather). The wraps are custom-made and are individually designed to ensure each wrap is a one of a kind and only available with main album purchases.

Unwrapping it will reveal your album where you’ll find your names embossed on the front.

These albums are printed on archival art paper so that each page will last the test of time. Pages come in 2 thicknesses, Book (thin, but still thicker than a standard “book”) and Album (double the thickness of the book).

Available in three sizes: 10×8″ 12×9″ and 16×12″
Parent albums are also available with any main album purchase.

So if you’d like to see these in the flesh, contact and set up meeting!